Starting Your Own Newsletter

1. Define Your Newsletter

What is the purpose of your newsletter? A newsletter is a substantial
investment in terms of time and energy, and you need to define in as
tangible terms as possible the purpose of your Newsletter. If you have no clear picture of what your publication will be about, neither will your readers. So first off, make sure you have a clearly defined topic of interests before recruiting subscribers.

2. Editorial Personality

Establish an editorial personality whether it is serious, gossipy or
funny, this is what connects you with your audience. Remember that
email newsletters aren’t email promotions They are not designed to
stimulate immediate action, but meant to keep subscribers in touch
and informed. Sales and promotional copy does not suit newsletters.

Think of your newsletter as a one-on-one conversation. Imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop talking informally with a friend or client.
Drop the hype, drop the sales pitch, be as honest as you can, and
talk like a human being to your contacts.

Consider adding a brief editorial, a comment or two, an editor’s note,
or a couple of lines of commentary, Adding a little human element here
and there makes your newsletters more enjoyable.
Give other authors a byline or 2 in a section of each issue to which
your readers can check out.

3. Subject Line, Style and Format

Vol. 1, Issue #54 is not an enticing subject line. It is certainly
consistent and simple, but it does not tell your readers anything that
will motivate them to open your email. Your subject line is
your calling card, entice your readers with the most interesting or
intriguing information in your Newsletter. Determine what will resonate
best with your readers and stay with it.

Establish a format and layout that is clean and simple, with elements
of the Newsletter (table of contents; Tips, subscription information,
etc.) located in the same spot each issue.


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