How to Use Thank You Pages

This is the page after your sales or squeeze page, or the first page the customer sees after purchasing one of your products? What do you have on there? If it’s just a “thanks, here’s your item” you’re leaving a chunk of cash on the table. Your new customer is in the perfect state to be offered further or related products.

Try putting one (or more!) of the following on your thank you pages.

#1 Affiliate redirects: offer a product you are an affiliate for, as long as it’s in a similar niche you’re onto a winner.

#2 Cross-sells: if you have another product that goes well with the one you’ve just sold, offer it to the customer now.

#3 Membership services: membership sites are great for guaranteeing a monthly income, so push the new customer off to either your own or an affiliated site now.

#4 Bigger ticket products: this isn’t a standard upsell where you offer extra pieces as the customer goes through the sales process, but instead you’re offering the big ticket item as a continuation or succession of the item they have just purchased.

For example, if your lead in product is an eBook on basic web design, you can let them know about a 6 part video course that you offer. They may not purchase immediately, but they’ll probably come back and check it out when they’re finished with your eBook.

Customers love to spend money, satisfaction of an item purchased, does not necessarilly satisfy a demand! You will always have a chance to sell a satisfied customer another related product!


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