Making Money with PTR’s Intro

Many of us have tried forever to make some kind of money on the internet. I know I try as hard as I can, but many times we seem to be spinning our wheels backward, or find that great site that promised the world on a platter, or at least an income for promoting them like crazy, only to find out you will never get paid for all your hard work, or they simply go POOF!

I do make a decent earning myself from partner and afiliate programs, but so many people don’t have either the time nor patience for such things, but still want to earn money. This is where the Paid To Industry comes in. Oh sure, there are plenty of phonies and scam artists here too, but for the most part, there are many programs that have been around a good while and pay regularly, not to mention they can be a lot of fun. Over the last 3 years oe so, I have made over $400.00 of absolutely FREE money without spending one red nickle. HOW???? Well here are some of the best, for which I have been paid faithfully.



No Minimum


Jills Click Corner



Charmed Email

Lucas Links



These of course are only a few, but some of my favs. For a complete list go to List will be updated there soon! Keep watching this page for updated info and tips.


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