Ways To Get Search Engines to Find You

You’ve got a new website with flash, eye-catching colors, informative text, and an interesting topic. You think your site is amazing, and you can’t wait for all your new visitors.
But Wait! There are none, you have had 12 visitors in the last
2 weeks Argh!!

How do you make your website stand out among millions of others?

Here are five tips to help make your site a
favorite of search engines all around the cyber world.

1. Substance verses Appearance.

Share your knowledge on subjects that you have some authority on, but whether you want to build an online fansite for your favorite celeb, or
whatever topic you chose for your website, make sure you have useful information on it. Search engines work by scanning sites for keywords, searching text and completely ignoring everything else. So if you have
made your site beautiful, but not content rich, it won’t do you much good getting seen by them. Beautiful layouts can make people stop and look, but relevant content is what will make themstay. Cliche, but true: Content Is King!
2. Know your topic well

If you know much about your topic, you will know what people usually ask about it, and what they ask about it is what they will type in the search bar. Think about what you would type into a search engine if you were looking for a site like yours, then search it and see what your results are. Doing this little bit of “key” research can help you understand what is relevant, and not.

3. Learn from others successes

Take time to browse and read sites that get lots of visitors and have the same topic as yours. Take note of any recurring phrases or text in these sites. These phrases are most likely keywords. Incorporate them into your own content, but at the same time, don’t saturate your site with keywords either, you don’t want to sound redundant. A 3% density level would be enough for engines.
4. Submit and resubmit often

If you want your site to be recognized by search engines, go out of your way to register your site with them. I usually do this every 90 days on average, depending on the engine. After a couple of weeks, search for your site by putting in the keywords you used in your content. If your site is still not coming up in the search results, don’t give up, just
re-register and resubmit your site. It is possible that your initial registration was discarded without being processed. This usually happens because a lot of submissions are being done everyday.
5. Constantly update your site

You can not update enough! Search engine spiders love sites which constantly change their content. You can’t build your site and expect it to last forever without any updates, there will come a time when the search engine spiders will stop fetching your site for query requests. Integrate a blog program in your site. Blogs have a user-friendly interface that allows easy updates.


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