Giving your visitors a reason to become subscribers

There is one more major piece to the puzzle and
that will be addressed next.

Having a great offer that your subscriber
just must have is the final piece of the
puzzle. You need it to be something of
value that leaves them drooling.

This can be a piece of software, an
instructional video, an email series or
an ebook. The key is that it must be
something that your visitor will feel
they must have.

Now they have a reason to give you permission
to email them. More importantly, you have
given them something of value. This will
help you start the relationship.

Many programs offer you a wide selection of gifts
that you may offer to your subscribers. They
host the gifts, they handle the download.
You only need to add a link to one of their
pages for your subscribers to be able to
download the gift.

The program handles everything for you. They give
you the proven template, host your page,
offer the gift and handle the download all
from a simple point and click interface.

All you need to do is create your page with
their point and click process and get
visitor’s to it. They do every thing else.

All for the absolute best price -0-. Start
getting your subscribers today and watch
your income soar.

Here are some resources to get you started.

I may update the above list with new resources occasionally.


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