Graphics and HTML

Last time we discussed using a proven template
to gather your subscribers. Using a tested
template can save you time.

The look of that template will be affected by
the graphics you use. If they are not professional
then you are sending a bad message to your
visitor and it will hurt your conversion.

Professional first rate graphics project the
image you want to have. Graphics can put a dent
in your budget especially of you are graphically
challenged like I am.

A good cover, header and footer package can
easily cost you $100 or more. ISPG
provides you with the professional graphics you
need for your page.

No need to spend $100’s of dollars on graphics
when they are already included with your free
membership. Save your money for generating traffic
instead of for paying for graphics. Your list
will grow faster.

Check out ISPG today

HTML is the language that makes your page show
up on your visitor’s computer. To some it seems
like a foreign language.

The great part of ISPG is that you don’t need
to be able to talk that foreign language. It
creates your pages but the system does the HTML
not you.

Not only does ISPG save you testing themes,
creating graphics but they make sure you don’t
need to study a new language either.

All that and at a price you can’t beat -0-.


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