Do You Know??????

Wanted to make sure you all are aware of some great free to join resources. Joining, connecting, and using these resources to thier fullest capacity will help everyones ranking, and reader base. So try them out.

Join Me at Twitter

Twitter allows you to display your own RSS feed of messages. You can use it on your blog or site, and be able to send updates or bulletins right to your site for all to see. You can use this free resource in a number of ways to stay connected to your group or team. Give it a go!

 Join Me at MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is another great community with great people and awesome tools. Free, unless you want the premium membership, and a great tool for bloggers.

Join Me at Blog Catalog

One of my favorite. Lots of cool people, and great tools. See for yourself.

Join Me at Technorati

Technorati has many options for pinging your sites, and connecting to others. It is so much easier if you just check it out for yourself. Sign up is free, so go for it!

Get Paid at Blogvertise

And last but not least, why not get paid for posting. You like to write, Right? So make your efforts pay. This is a great way to start.


Well, I just wanted to stop by and leave a few suggestions so you guys know I have not gone missing. Really, I have been spending more time on and you should all stop by there and check out the new updated posts on blogging.

Frankly, I have found WP a slight bit hard to work with, it is slow with my old pc, first off, and that is one reason why it will be more for fun, and interest as time goes on, than business in general.

Do check out the sites above, I hope to see you all there.



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