If you sell online, you NEED this!!

As an online seller, you probably have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Your reach/following on these networks is an asset which helps you make money.

A fabulous new opportunity has launched called MartNinja and is a network of online sellers with social media reach. It provides you with word-of-mouth marketing for your products by getting your products promoted to followers of other sellers. When you promote a product on MartNinja, a seller shares your products with their followers on major social networks. The majority of followers on social media are buyers or prospective buyers, and with MartNinja, you can reach out to these buyers.

You can join for free, and now receive $5 to advertise your products. Currently MartNinja works with ETSY, SHOPIFY, and ECWID, and more stores will be added soon. If you refer a seller to MartNinja and earn 10% commission on every payment that they make on MartNinja. Use these commissions to run promotions.  You can certainly help me out by joining free through my link RIGHT HERE

Now for more good news….. You can also advertise for free by taking advantage of the opportunities to promote other fellow members of MartNinja.

  • On the Opportunities page you will see all the products available for sharing.
  • Click on a product’s share button and it will get shared with your fans and followers automatically in near future.
  • You can schedule your posts at different times so that they go out at regular intervals, and not all at once.
  • You can set your own posting schedules and tell us how many posts you want to publish on a given platform. Also, you can track your scheduled posts (opportunities that you have taken) and edit the posting time for these scheduled posts.
  • As soon as a scheduled post(opportunity) is posted, money is credited to your account.
  • You get paid at the end of every month if your earnings are $10 or more, otherwise the amount gets carried forward to next month.

How easy is that!


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