Apps that make you famous

Hello my awesome readers,

Today I want to share something that will not only make your website fun, but “sticky” (GUI) and maybe even famous.

I started using this awesome little avatar on my newest Storefront this week, and I have already received 3 new subscribers to my newsletter today alone. That may not seem like a lot, but I am lucky if I get 3 a month lol.

Check out my email Avatar on my fashion boutique for a live example….

See Live Email Avatar

And listen to a live Avatar tell you my brief story….

Listen To My Story

Launched in 2003, this is an easy-to-use affordable website avatar solution for small businesses, educators and developers. With its ability to engage visitors its ease of use, it has helped thousands of businesses around the world improve business results, training and customers relationships. To date, over 150,000 website owners have used SitePal!

Still no convinced? Try a live demo for yourself, and get a 15 day free trial…



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