I recommend a very good read

I have recently read this because I saw him on Rachel Ray a few weeks ago, and I REALLY wanted to read this book. I managed to “hear” the audio book on Amazon and I highly suggest this book to anyone who is as consumed with the way the internet, and all the apps and devices that connect to it, have become more like drive by shootings, kidnappings, and plain ole highway robbery, rather than the once pleasant, fun, and exciting adventure it once was, not to mention a highly more safe ground then, than it is now.

Anyway, it is no secret the image below is attached to an affiliate link, but I hope with that aside, you will check this out anyway, because it is quite informative, even to those like myself, who have always been a bit savvy in these things in the past. It is never too late to learn things you did not know, or find new ways to adapt what you already knew, with some new ideas, technology, and a refreshed way to apply this knowledge.

Without further conversation, go read lol…

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