No Way To Treat A Lady


Richmond Virginia Weekly

Some businesses have simply forgotton that customer service means all customers.
While I myself  have never been a fan of the customer is always right theory, the store is never in the right when they treat an individual with disrespect, and degrading behavior, and I DO believe in innocence until proven otherwise. In this case, without even pointing out anything else, the fact that this customer just spent $200 in their store should have warrented a tiny bit of respect!

She was charged $50 to NOT have the police called, and signed a paper stating in so many words that she was a thief. Really!!!!!

Anyway, if this sort of thing has happened to you before, or after reading the screenshot below you become as outraged as the rest of us, you will find 2 share links for Twitter and Pinterest below also, as well as you can reblof this…

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