About Me

I have been in and out of the music industry since the mid 1960’s. I began as an entertainer, and have done everything from production and promotion to booking and management. I have currently had a site, Sojournstar Music, online since 1995, and have other projects and internet business/marketing related sites I own also. Creating Empires actually used to be a full fledged hosted website, which owned the dot com, net and info domains for. I also hosted my music community site on the platform MusicRVA which is now residing on anther platform. Sojournstar Media is now my personal website where I try and write journal entries and stories about my life experiences when I can. Sadly I don’t spend as much time telling stories and writing articles as I should.

I stay connected to this industry and the people I am associated with in it, and am always trying to help other musicians and bands with the resources or knowledge I have available to me. More recently, in the last decade or so, I have switched over to art and graphic design. I now have two more websites with stores, that deal with the aforementioned, as well as vintage items and collectibles. Access them here: Digi Scrap Cafe  and Treasured Scraps Collectibles

I have also been dedicated to earning online and helping others do the same. I have been marketing and earning online thru various programs for the last decade or so, not counting any music related ventures. I hope I can meet new people thru this blog and help others learn how to make money on the net also.

So let’s get busy 😎

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